PowerXND™ Mark II – 1 to 11 Stop Seamless Coverage

PowerXND™ Mark II – 1 to 11 Stop Seamless Coverage

The best variable neutral density filters in the class.

PowerXND-II Family

With unparalleled light reduction capability and image quality, the Aurora PowerXND™ Mark II family of filters can be used in a wide variety of photographic applications as well as in videography applications. The Mark II filter family takes the original PowerXND™ 2000 filters to the next level: Incorporating advancements developed from our core filter technologies.

Seamless Full Coverage

1 to 11 Stops

Full coverage of 1 to 11 stops

With the Mark II family, we’ve introduced two variable ND filters to cover the full range of 1 to 11 stops light reduction capability.

The PowerXND-II 128 is a 1-7 stop variable ND filter while the PowerXND-II 2000 is a 5-11 stop variable ND filter. With both filters users can control light reduction from 1 to 11 stops, making them highly versatile tools for general photography and videography applications.

PowerXND-II 128 covers 1 to 7 stops

PowerXND-II 2000 covers 5 to 11 stops


Usability Features

Designed in California by Aurora Aperture, the PowerXND™ Mark II filters incorporate several new features in usability improvements.

A direct reading scale correlates to light reduction capability so users can quickly dial-in the filter to the desired value.

Built-in hard stop and assist lever

A hard stop was added to limit the filter rotation within the operating range, a highly demanded feature after the release of the original PowerXND™ 2000. For videographers, this will mean that the filter will prevent overshooting the minimum and maximum settings.

In addition, a detachable lever for the 52mm and larger sizes of the PowerXND-II family is a standard feature that can be optionally used to assist in turning the filter. Again, another useful feature for videography users.

Assist lever can be removed or replaced

We’ve made the knurling of the rotating ring more aggressive and added knurling to the fixed ring to improve grip when attaching and detaching the filter.

Same thin profile of new (left) and original (right) filters

Despite these newly added physical features, the PowerXND-II filter family still maintains a slim profile to minimize vignetting on wide angle lenses. With a depth of only 6.0mm, it is the thinnest among commercially available variable ND filters*.

The PowerXND™ family features an equally sized front thread to allow the original lens cap to be used or to stack additional filters. Most other brand variable ND filters either have a larger size filter thread so the original lens cap can’t be used or no thread.

* As of June 2018

Optical Quality

6 elements and 2 groups

The PowerXND-II filter consists of two groups of optical glass and a thin film element. Using a proprietary bonding and polishing technique, we are able to achieve optical performance close to fixed ND filters which only have a single glass element.

Schott B270® glass and high-quality polarization film from Nitto Denko are used to build the PowerXND-II. Combined with a proprietary post-bonding polishing process the filters are able to meet high-resolution demands of 4k/8k video and the high pixel density of modern day camera sensors.

Multilayer nanocoatings are utilized for light reduction, thus minimizing color shift. The PowerXND-II features high color accuracy on par with the benchmark of fixed ND filters such as our PowerND™ filters.

Lastly, a PFPE based nano-coating is applied to the filter surfaces, ensuring the protection of the filter surfaces against water, oil, dust, and dirt. This coating allows for easier cleaning of the filter as substances do not easily adhere and are easily removed. The PFPE based nano-coating has a 110-degree static contact angle, one of the best in the industry.

PFPE surface repelling coating

Good surface protection coating (left) vs. bad or no coating (right)

Some commercially available variable ND filters do not have adequate surface protection and as a consequence are difficult to clean.

4k Video Screen Shot

Precision and Durability

Built to last

The Aurora PowerXND™ filter frames are built from aerospace grade aluminum with computer numerical control lathes (CNC) for high mechanical precision and accuracy. They are anodized black for corrosion protection.

Various prototype frames during development

Extended temperature range lubricant is applied in the assembly process so the filter ring will have smooth and well-dampened rotation handling for all weather applications.


  • PowerXND-II 128: ND 2 – 128 (1 – 7 stops*)
  • PowerXND-II 2000: ND 32-2000 (5 – 11stops*)
  • Slim profile of 6.0mm
  • Schott B270® Super White glass
  • Nitto Denso polarization film
  • Hard stops to limit rotation range*
  • Direct reading scale
  • Dual scales for 52mm or larger
  • Same size front thread
  • Assist lever for 52mm or larger

Available filter thread sizes:

37mm, 39mm, 40.5mm, 43mm, 46mm, 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, 86mm, 95mm, and 105mm.

* Variable ND filters usable range depends on certain conditions such as light angle and FOV of a lens, especially with wide angle lens. When near or at the maximum setting vignetting or color shift may occur, use a lower setting when it happens.