PowerGXND – World’s First Variable Graduated Neutral Density Filter Family

Introducing Aurora PowerGXND

The world’s first variable graduated neutral density filter

The Aurora PowerGXND is a hard transition variable hard transition graduated neutral density (GND) filter with a continuously variable range up to 5 stops (ND 0 – 1.5).

Using the Aurora PowerGXND proper exposure can be maintained in a high contrast scene when the dynamic range of a camera’s sensor is unable to capture the scene without under or overexposure.

When using a slim adapter or mounted on a square filter system, the PowerGXND can be moved up and down or any direction to position the dark to bright transition area properly according to a specific scene.

Wide Range

Replacing multiple fixed GND filers and more

Quite often we encounter difficult high contrast scenes where either highlights or shadows are captured but the inverse is lost from being over or underexposed.

Graduated neutral density (GND) filters are a tool for dealing with these high contrast scenes. The darkened section on the filter reduces the amount of light from the brightest part of a scene which in turn allows for the highlights and shadows of the scene to be exposed properly.

Until now GND filters come in fixed values. Users need to go through multiple GND filters based on the shooting environment. Meanwhile, there are no fractional stop GNDs.

With a PowerGXND variable GND filter, all you need is one filter. You just rotate the filter until you get your desired result, it is truly that easy.

The PowerGXND is a continuously variable without fixed value limitations. This is very useful for videographers where post-processing is difficult and time-consuming.

Optical Quality

Multi-layer Nano Coatings

The Aurora PowerGXND is based on the innovative PowerXND 2000 filter family we introduced in 2016.

Schott B 270® i Ultra-White Glass and a high-quality polarization film are used in the construction of the PowerGXND filter. With multi-layer nano coatings applied, these filters are capable of answering the demands of 4k videos and modern high-density sensors.

As avid landscape photographers, we understand these filters are used in outdoor in places where it could be dusty, dirty, and wet.

Just like our PowerXND 2000 and PowerND filters, the PowerGXND filters feature the multi-layer nanocoatings. These coatings are applied to the glass surfaces on both sides of the filter. Perfluoropolyethers (PFPE) are used as hydrophobic and oleophobic coating agent so the filter surfaces are able to repel water, soil, and dirt.


Hard Stops and Direct Reading Scale

We introduced a hard stop for the PowerGXND filters. A filter can only rotate between minimum and maximum without overshooting the functioning range. This was a highly demanded feature, especially for video usage.

The hard stop is elegantly implemented to maintain the already thin frame profile as in the original PowerXND 2000 filter design.

The PowerGXND features a brand new direct reading scale*. This allows users to quickly dial in a filter to the desired stop value.

* Approximately



To mount the PowerGXND filter to a lens we provide two different options. First is a slim lens adapter** where a PowerGXND filter can rotate and move up and down to select a proper area for light blocking.

The slim adapter allows both filter thread and lens thread to be rotated freely and lockable, and the PowerGXND filter can be moved in straight-line in relation to the lens thread so users can place the filter transition area anywhere in a frame, just like what a square filter system can offer with rectangular GND filter but without the bulk of a square filter system.

To use the PowerGXND filter, we provide an adapter plate** for square filter systems such as the ones from Cokin, LEE, or others. The PowerGXND filter can be rotated and locked in the adapter plate while the plate can be moved within the square filter holder. This will allow users to adjust the brightness transition within the captured shot.

** Prototype shown, final products subject to change.

For users who do not have a square filter system yet, we offer a simple yet effective ultra low profile square filter system along with the adapter plate.

The three slot ultra low profile square filter holder is designed to reduce the distance of the lens surface to the first stack of square filters. This reduces potential vignetting caused by square filter systems with ultra wide angle lenses.

There are three ultra low profile square filter systems available:

  • 130mm system compatible with Cokin X-Pro and 130mm (width) square filters, adapter rings of 82, 77, 72, 67, 62, and 58mm included.
  • 100mm system compatible with Cokin Z and other 100mm (width) square filters, adapter rings of 62, 58, 55, 52, 49, and 46mm included.
  • 75mm system compatible with LEE Seven5 and 75mm (width) square filters adapter rings of 49, 46, 43, 40.5, 39, and 37mm included.



  • GND Type: hard transition
  • Range: 0- 5 stops
  • Glass material: Schott B 270® i Ultra-White Glass

Available sizes***:

  • L – ⌀105mm for lens filter size of 82mm and less on a 130mm square filter system (Cokin X-Pro)
  • M – ⌀82mm for lens filter size of 62mm and less on a 100mm square filter system (Cokin Z and others)
  • S – ⌀62mm for lens filter size of 49mm and less on a 75mm square filter system (LEE Seven5)

*** Maximum lens filter size recommended for covering landscape orientation with transition line in 30% of frame height.

Slim Adapters

  • L – For ⌀105mm filter with lens filter thread size 82mm, free rotations on both filter and lens thread, and movement between filter and lens thread included lens adapter rings of 77, 72, 67, 62, and 58mm.
  • M – For ⌀82mm filter with lens filter thread size 62mm, free rotations on both filter and lens thread, and movement between filter and lens thread included lens adapter rings of 58, 55, 52, 49, and 46mm.
  • S – For ⌀62mm filter with lens filter thread size 49mm, free rotations on both filter and lens thread, and movement between filter and lens thread included lens adapter rings of 46, 43, 40.5, 39 and 37mm.

Square Filter Adapters

  • L Plate – For using a ⌀105mm filter on a 130mm system (e.g. Cokin X-Pro)
  • M Plate – For using a ⌀82mm filter on a 100mm system (e.g. Cokin P)
  • S Plate – For using a ⌀62mm filter on a 75mm system (e.g. Lee Seven5)

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